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The Exorcist (Director’s Cut)

Director: William Friedkin

Genre: Horror

Year: 1973

Running time: 132 minutes

Territory: International

Studio: Warner

Format: DCP

Cast: Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Linda Blair

Language options: Dialogue - EN, FR, IT | Subtitle - QBP, ES, FR, PL, QMT

Belief in evil. Belief that evil can be cast out. From these two strands of faith, author William Peter Blatty and director William Friedkin wove The Exorcist, the frightening and realistic story of an innocent girl inhabited by a malevolent entity. This is the terrifying tale of her mother's frantic resolve to save her and two priests - one doubt-ridden, the other a rock of faith - joined in battling ultimate evil.

Winner of 1973 Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Sound Mixing, The Exorcist remains one of the most shocking and gripping movies in the history of cinema and is a regular feature on lists of the scariest movies ever made.

This new digital cinema print was created from restored picture and audio elements under the supervision of Friedkin.


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