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Heavenly Pursuits

Director: Charles Gormley

Genre: Comedy

Year: 1986

Running time: 91 minutes

Territory: Worldwide

Studio: Film4

Cast: Tom Conti, Helen Mirren, Brian Pettifer

Sometimes all you need is a wing and a prayer. Vic Mathews (Tom Conti) loves two things in life, teaching the remedial class at Glasgow’s Blessed Edith Semple School and beautiful colleague Ruth Chancellor (Helen Mirren). When the school authorities decide to pursue full canonization of their namesake, little miracles begin to occur and Vic has to reassess his beliefs. Reunited in The Tempest, Conti and Mirren, first created an electrical storm in Scottish writer/director Charles Gormley’s charming and quirky comic drama. Featuring an exclusive score by Scottish composer BA Robertson and containing Ewen Bremner’s first screen appearance as little Stevie Deans, Heavenly Pursuits is a wee revelation.


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