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I Could Go On Singing

Director: Ronald Neame

Genre: Music/Musicals

Year: 1963

Running time: 103 minutes

Territory: Worldwide

Studio: MGM

Cast: Judy Garland, Gregory Phillips, Dirk Bogarde

Language options: Dialogue - EN

Jenny Bowman is a powerful singer who obviously has a passion for the stage and performing. At the same time, she once had a passion for a certain British doctor, David Donne, that resulted in the birth of a baby boy. Unwilling to be a mom at this point in her career, Jenny gives the boy over to David, and he raises him as though he were an adopted son. David marries, and he and Jenny go their separate ways until many years have passed and, finding herself in London again, Jenny decides to visit her son. David is now a widower, and romantic sparks fly once he and Jenny get together - raising the question of whether her passion for the stage is still stronger than her passion for David.


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