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November 17th 2023

Bell, Book and Candle is spirited back to cinemas with new artwork

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Ring the bell, close the book, quench the candle!

To celebrate its booking availability on our brand-new Classic Christmas DCP combo drive, we are delighted to reveal fresh new artwork for the wonderfully wicked romantic romp Bell, Book, and Candle – an underrated festive classic of Hollywood's Golden Age.

Released on Christmas Day in 1958 and starring Vertigo leads James Stewart and Kim Novak, invite audiences to introduce witches, warlocks, bongos, beatniks and a healthy dose of that ol' black magic into their festive viewings – not to forget a memorable cat named Pyewacket.

It's not too late! Plate up a festive feast to save on even more costs with our Family Christmas combo drive, and browse our alternative Rebel Yule collection.