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September 11th 2020

From the archive: Blade Runner

From the archive: Blade Runner

Throughout September we'll be taking a closer look at films that stop us in our intellectual and emotional tracks, as we take a look at the theme of RETHINK in cinema.

1982's seminal sci-fi classic, Blade Runner, loosely adapted from Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, challenges its viewer to reconsider their perspective on humanity, the world we live in, and what it could become. It’s a pervasive imagining a not-so distant future, with mammoth corporations, rampant environmental pollution, overcrowding, technology, and poverty which has influenced science fiction films ever since.

Set in a neo-noir vision of Los Angeles in 2019, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is tasked to hunt down and ‘retire’ fugitive replicants. His new case is Rachael (Sean Young) - a replicant who believes she is human. In his pursuit he is led down a path where he is forced to reconsider his own existence, and as the film concludes the viewer is left to challenge the the very notion of what it means to be human. The answers to these fundamental questions remain equally elusive and enticing for audiences today.

In this week’s From The Archive we are sharing these rarely scene stills from the influential sci-fi classic. Enjoy!